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A WinSAAM Modeling Meeting

Darko Stefanovski and Ray Boston
September 27-29, 2012
New Bolton Center
Kennett Square, PA 19348
(Kennett Square is 30 miles southwest of Philadelphia) 

It is a pleasure to acknowledge your support and interest in our work on SAAM over the years and, to celebrate this and welcome the beginning of a new era in the 50 plus years life of SAAM, we are inviting you to a meeting to hear about some of the new features of WinSAAM and some of the less well known older features too. For example, did you know that WinSAAM is the only modeling system that supports a fully integrated delay mechanism, a fully integrated procedure for the estimation of nonlinear steady state aspects of a system, and a fully integrated Bayesian and Population modeling service … and so the list goes on.  Our meeting will take place at New Bolton Center, in Kennett Square on September 27-29 this year (2012).  The topics specific topics our meeting will cover include:

·   An overview of the history of the SAAM/WinSAAM modeling software and its encapsulated philosophy as it has evolved from SAAM19 to SAAM27 to Consaam to WinSAAM.

·      A totally new version of WinSAAM currently being developed and tested at centers around the world.  Here we expose new features currently being developed for WinSAAM including, for example, a Scripter and an Object Labeler.

·      The MinMod Millennium, AKA Glucose, and AKA TPG modeling application software, and what they expose for future modeling applications.

·      Units of modeling objects (constructs and operational units)  and how they are derived.

·  Modeling complicated systems using WinSAAM’s advanced operational constructs.

·    Efficient estimation of drug metabolism and drug action (PK-PD) using WinSAAM.

·       The operation and application of the WinSAAM project builder and the project manager

·       High throughput processing with WinSAAM, and the investigation of data using automated methods.

·     New Statistical methods for kinetic analysis and the integration of MCMC methodology into WinSAAM. 

·   A round-table involving all attendees where we talk about how WinSAAM is being used in the field and new features we would like to see in WinSAAM.

Thank you, and we look forward very much to seeing you.

Darko Stefanovski ( and Ray Boston (

To Register or for more information:

Lisa DeWald
382 W. Street Rd.
Kennett Square,
PA, 19348

For Further Information on WinSAAM

Darko Stefanovski, Peter J. Moate and Raymond C. Boston, WinSAAM: a windows-based compartmental modeling system, Metabolism, Volume 52, Issue 9, September 2003, Pages 1153-1166.


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